11 HOT and High Paying Niches Of 2013

1.       Make Money Online:

Still number 1 niche since last 15 years. This niche is very huge and has many sub-niches like Affiliate Marketing, AdSense, CPA Marketing etc.

Huge number of peoples enters in Internet Marketing every day; you can make cash by teaching them how to make money

2.       Childbirth:

Childbirth is great niche with high CPC for adsense. You can create micro niche sites for this niche and monetize it with adsense. You can also promote Clickbank Products to earn some extra commission.

3.       Personal Security Online:

This niche can also be monetized with micro niche adsense sites. Everyday many people search to protect their identity online. You can also promote antivirus products with your micro niche store.

4.       Medical Tourism:

Medical Tourism is moving patient from highly developed country to less developed country. This is new trend developing in medical industry.

This is also good paying niche for adsense. You can also promote eBooks from clickbank.

5.       Wedding Planning:

Wedding planning is another great niche for affiliate marketing. Lots of peoples are searching for effective guides on wedding planning so just make hard cash on it.

6.       Solar Energy:

Solar energy niche is very hot since last 2 years. Marketers are promoting affiliate products

of this niche. Adsense micro niche site is also good idea.

7.       Smartphone:

Lots of Smartphones releasing everyday this is very huge niche to promote. You can find lot of email submit CPA offer of newly launched iPhones, Nokia Lumia etc.

You can also blog about of new phones released if you are tech gig.

8.       Men’s Health:

Another hot niche having thousands of products to promote. In fact this niche converts better than women’s health niche as men’s are more health conscious now.

There are many CPA and Affiliates offers for this niche. You can check clickbank or CJ.com

9.       SEO:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is evergreen niche. Google always changes its algorithm for ranking of the websites.

You can create reports or promote reports in this niche. Building email list will be profitable idea in this niche.

10.   Stock Market Trading:

It’s one of the high paying niches of all the time. You can see lot of high paying affiliate products on the web. But this niche is very competitive and hard to rank.

11.   Forex:

Another high paying niche. This niche is also competitive but there are few keywords for which you can rank with some SEO skills.

So this is for now. Best Luck  :)



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    • Vivek R
    • Great list Aniket,I agree that Make Money Online is a high paying niche where you get to earn though Affiliate marketing and Email marketing,

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